FLIXET: Short Films

FLIXET: Short Films

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contest

Contest & Rules

5 minute short or 2 minute monologue.

Judging criteria: Creativity, Originality and Execution.

  • Be Creative, innovative.
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Remote collaboration is okay
  • Any Genre
  • PG-13
  • FREE to enter
  • Complete short deadline May 17th @ 11:59pm

Four Categories:
Any Genre Short – Max run-time 5 minutes.
No Dialogue Short – Tell a Story with visuals and music/sound FX - NO dialogie, Max run-time 5 minutes.
Online Collaborative Short – A short, any genre, made with multiple participants combining their individual footage, Max run-time 5 minutes.
Monologue– Any Genre, give us your best performance! Max run-time 2 minutes.


It is FREE to join. Judges will review your work and will rate the films. Best of category laurel award is up for grab. We will promote the films all together, top 3-5 and the winner of course.

  • Laurel + Certificate award for best Monologue
  • Laurel + Certificate award for best Actor
  • Laurel + Certificate award for best Actress
  • Laurel + Certificate award for best Short
  • Laurel + Certificate award for Best in challenge


Monologue - Any genre, good use of set design, elevate your great performance with the aid of atmosphere. This is your chance to show another side of you! Show your range, you get to pick the script, give a performance that will inspire fellow filmmakers.

Any Genre Short - Open to all ideas and filming techniques. We have seen lots of clever ideas, animations, stock footage, dolls, random objects, be creative with what you have round you, film yourself, your family and tell a story!

No dialogue Short - Tell a story with the use of visuals and music. Set design, lighting, No title cards please.

Online Collab Short - "Dare Devil" category, the most challenging category of them all - A short being filmed by you at your home and/or your actors at their homes and them stitched together in editing.  Pieces of the film are being shot by individuals in separate locations then edit together into a short. Think of  scenes where the actors conversing in the same space but in a different spots, like living room and the kitchen, video chats, phone conversations. Be creative!

Let's step it up! We want to see you creating, we want to show off your talent, celebrate success and put you in the lime lights.

First, register here - https://oifstudio.com/challenge-registration-form/

When completed, upload the video to youtube and submit the link using a the Upload Video menu above.
Complete video submissions are accepted starting May 3rd.